Our services

Industrial catering

Industrial catering is fraught with challenges and unforeseen impediments. We have braced ourselves up to conform to the toughest of challenges in this realm to cross accepted milestones for offering eclectic catering solutions to our esteemed clients. We have proven expertise in running a full-fledged catering service in an environment dominated by multi-cultural sentiments and far away from populated locations. We have the needful infrastructure, resources, skilled manpower, discernment, and management capabilities which help us vault over all obstacles with relative ease and cater efficiently to clients.

We have an elaborate planning cell in place that takes care of the entire array of needs pertaining to provisioning for meal variations. Our chefs are true innovators whose culinary skills are not restricted to the pages of the cook books only. We love to discover and this sense of creativity in our cooks result in gourmet foods that complement the corporate and industrial ambience perfectly.

We have comprehensive systems in place that ensure that each process adheres to strict sanitation and hygienic needs. This is imperative to ensure that workers don’t fall ill and your productivity suffers. Our dietary offerings are highly nutritious and health sits on the top of our list of priorities. Gulf Chefs Catering is the only strategic partner of industries seeking regular and hygienic supply of healthy and fresh foods, beverages and other nutritional supplements.

Facility management

Companies pursuing gainful businesses often have to set up camps in remote locations. Such camps accommodate hundreds of workers from different cultural backgrounds. Facility management in such camps is a daunting task as one needs to cater discerningly to the occupants by keeping in perspective their preferences, dislikes, and other ethnic issues. To perceive the issues incisively calls for proven skills and profound experience. In the absence of the same, the disgruntled employees can cause a ruckus in the camp which would hamper the professional endeavors of the organization, costing it dearly.

Labor camp management needs to be handled delicately and we appreciate this fact. Keeping this in perspective, we have gourmet menus and a virtuoso fleet of chefs who can weave magic with their culinary skills. Our food does not cater to the taste buds of people belonging to a particular ethnic background only. Our chefs can verily cookdelicacies that would appeal to the workers of different cultural affiliations. Food is cooked by respecting the practices and preferences of different cultures so that no worker feel neglected or is repelled by the way of cooking.

We have catered successfully to numerous esteemed clients who hail from diverse backgrounds such as large or small scale multinational organizations, governmental agencies, corporate houses and event organizers.


Disposable Containers

Our selection of disposable containers is so exhaustive that it fills over 60 pages of a product catalog. We have everything from paper products, takeout packaging, wraps, liners, ad much more including eco-friendly options.

  • Drink ware
  • Dinnerware
  • Serving trays
  • Takeout
  • Cutlery
  • Napkins, towels & dispensers
  • Bowls, platters & Trays
  • Additional disposable products

Scope of our services

  • Food service wherein we offer eclectic food on regular basis or on demand customized to meet the exact requirements of our clients
  • Quality management wherein we adhere to the stipulations of international standards defining organizations in the quality realm and strive hard to keep our quality of services top notch
  • Kitchen equipment maintenance by competent staff to ensure that your investment on equipment does not go down the drain due to unprofessional housekeeping. We complement our catering services with safe, reliable and accident free maintenance of kitchen utensils on large scale. This hygiene consciousness on our part ensures that any epidemic does not break out when we are catering to your staff in remote locations.
  • Cleanliness drive wherein during industrial catering or labor camp management, we lay down safe code of conduct for accomplishing optimum cleaning. This involves remaining vigilant about the safe use of cleaning materials, training and supervising the staff involved in managing camps and catering, mopping off all sorts of spillages to prevent filth flies to lay eggs, rinsing detergent off the floors, and drying of the floors soon after wet cleaning and putting up an alert sign when the floor is wet.