Vission and Policies

Our Vision

We are guided by the vision of providing top notch catering services to our clients that would live up to the high standards of any industry and improve the quality of life of those who are availing our services.

We are predominantly engaged in providing customized catering services to our clients in their labor camps and during industrial events. Our services are cost efficient and cost competitive. Our menus are gourmet that is a fine blend of taste and quality. We ever compromise on hygiene and sanitation. We invest in people to make the lives of other better, fulfilled and beautiful. We are always ready and eager to go to any length to meet the specific requirements of our esteemed clients so as to enable them to meet their targets adequately.

Our Mission

We have only one objective- to assist our clients in realizing their organizational aspirations by fully unlocking the potential of employees. We seek to materialize this aim by providing quality food for industrial installations during mega events or for camps set up in remote locations. We have the necessary infrastructure and resource support that helps us to serve employees optimally at the workplace. We believe in consistently innovating with our menus so as to keep the palate of your employees tickled and their health optimal. Our kitchens have been acclaimed for quality consciousness, hygiene, sanitation and health awareness. We have been conferred certifications by international quality agencies which are testament to our commitment and passion. We offer round the clock service and our dietary offerings are designed after taking into consideration calorie needs, time stipulations, and budgetary allocations. We always conform to the highest standards in food safety and hygiene proceedings.

Satisfied workers propel any organization on the path of exponential success and god food keeps the satisfaction quotient of workers optimum.

Our health and safety policy

  • We believe in creating a safe working ambience so that the health of our employees and those to which we cater to is not compromised due to deterioration in sanitary and hygienic indexes. This improves the quality of life of our client’s workforce and makes them more productive and dedicated.
  • We adhere to the quality policies laid down by international standards organization and occupational health hazards standards organization
  • We tailor and tweak our health and safety policies to complement with the company regulations of the clients we intend to serve
  • The accepted health and safety standards serve as our cynosures in accomplishing a safe workplace free of accidents, injuries, property damages and environmental damages
  • All our efforts are aimed at achieving asafe, healthy and eco friendly workplace
  • We train and advise our staff to comply with the hazard mitigation plans; in cases where complete elimination of all potential hazards is not possible in spirit, we chalk out a detailed disaster mitigation plan incorporating all vital points to address such situation and stand guard against palpable perils for optimum safety
  • We believe in proactively controlling and mitigating risks rather than being reactive after an incident

A Safe, Healthy and environmentally friendly workplace is Gulf Catering’s motto.

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